How DARE you try to wipe out the virus before waiting for the patient to go take a test first! How is Covid going to have enough time to spread and replicate through the body if you obliterate it straight away. *Obvious sarcasm* Big sigh. God bless you always. And while there's some nasty things awaiting those doing crimes against humanity in the afterlife, take joy in every single life you've saved and even all the untold multitudes around the world because they heard about your protocol. Remember their faces and names each night and sleep the sleep of the righteous!

As horrible as this pandemic has been, can you imagine how much worse it would have been had it not been for Dr. Zev Zelenko? G-d has given this man the gift of healing and he has shared it freely with the world. Though he is a hero he remains humble. Congratulations on being nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom Dr. Zelenko. You truly are deserving of this honor. We love you and are thankful for your dedication in fighting the unseen enemy of all mankind.

I’ve been a Zelenko fan from the start. And an advocate to the best of my ability. All I know is when I got COVID 4-5 months ago I immediately went on the Zelenko protocols for 5 days. I’m not a scientist and I don’t have data and can’t prove anything but I hardly had a problem and had taste and smell throughout. Thank Gd. Which I know Dr Zelenko does as well.

D. R.

R. B. M.

J. I. K.

Dr Zelenko. Another soul saved! My best friend’s 68y/o mom got Covid. Loss of smell and taste and positive test. I recommend your protocol and she was able to get the meds. She had to wait 3 days and already was short of breath. Day 5 on meds doing so much better. Bless you.

We’re tested positive in the family. Thankfully, I bought zinc and quecertin just at Dr Z advised. And it is working so well. We’re taking it with our regular C and D3. Lungs are clear but still have muscle pains. We’re on our way to immunity! Thank you Dr. Z!

Dr. Zelenko most likely saved the life of this 82 year-old asthmatic. The HCQ/Z/AZ protocol kept me out of the hospital and out of bed fast with a, recently measured, antibody count of 179.

A. D.

L. Z.

E. D. B.

My Sister's Mother-in-Law went into the hospital with breathing difficulty. 80 yrs old, multiple comorbidities. They put her on oxygen and started the HCQ protocol. Within a few hours she was getting better. They monitored for 2 days and discharged her the 3rd. HCQ works!

My niece had Covid. Followed your protocol and better in 5 days. Sense of taste and smell back quick. Brother had it. Did not follow your protocol. 6 weeks before feeling better and senses back. Thank you doctor. You are a true patriot and healer.

I endorse Dr. Vladimir Zelenko for the presidential medal of freedom. His evidence for the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc and Azithromycin for early COVID-19 has saved lives and guided doctors on the frontline.

R. P.

C. R.

Dr. George Fareed

Boruch Hashem....Humility and Professionalism ....Dr Zelenko is recognized for his clinical results despite the massive resistance by the irrational half-truth unleashed by the less than competent "internet" forces and voices. A Win - Win for mankind.

Dr. George Moskowitz


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